Burger Experts

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We love what we do! And we’ve been doing it since 2008. This passion for our produce, our guests, and the preparation of the dish itself – that is the essence of what happens here every day. We are convinced that there is nothing better than combining top-end Austrian protein with our selfmade products: a selection of homemade dips and chutneys, Smokey’s Own herbal salts and spice blends, homebrewed lemonades and handmade chips, fries and wedges.

Combine our freshly made, delicious products at your leisure. Cheeseburger with extra cheese and cole slaw on the side? Mushroom Burger with bacon and fried onions? Want an egg on top? You feel like a salad instead of carbohydrates? Or more like onion rings and chili cheese balls as sides?

Just ask us. ?

Your Smokey’s Team